Public Speaking Definition 

Public speaking is simply speaking to the public that is your audience.

Whenever you are talking to a bunch of people it is technically public speaking. But when we think of public speaking what comes to our mind is a person speaking in front of a large audience. 

Public Speaking

Why is it important? 

Public speaking is very important for everyone whether you are a businessman or a student or in any other field.

Effective public speaking skills can have a huge impact on your career. It improves creativity and critical thinking. It helps you to express your thoughts confidently.

Every famous leader is an excellent public speaker. They leave a powerful impact on the audience with their words.  

How to overcome the fear of Public Speaking?

The biggest fear people have is what others might be thinking of us. To overcome that fear you need to forget the feeling of self-consciousness. You need to get involved in the topic so much that the fear doesn’t come in our mind. Also, you can memorize a few starting lines so that there’s a flow in speaking and the rest of the words comes naturally. This will start boosting confidence in you and reduces fear. In the first few speeches, you will be nervous as hell but you need to keep going. Most of the people have this question in mind, so you can read my more precise answer to it on Quora here.

How Public Speaking skills can be achieved? 

    1. Practice is the key : Becoming good in public speaking needs practice. Do you remember learning driving, how did you learn it. Did you just watched someone driving and became excellent in driving? Of course not. We learnt driving by practising a lot. No matter how many times we were close to hitting someone and got our heart into the mouth. You might be why I am talking about this. Well! Public speaking is more or less similar to driving. You have to speak many times before you actually speak in front of an audience. Also, the first time you speak in public will not be the best one. You will become a skilled public speaker after speaking many times in front of an audience.
    2. Use proper Body Language : Researches show that 60% of communication is done non verbally. Body language cannot be learnt, it should come naturally. You can learn just few gestures which are important for your overall personality and you can practice them. Generally, the audience judges the speaker by its body language. Here are some basic gestures which you should keep in mind-
      1. Repeating words or unnecessary throat-clearing shows your under confidence and nervousness.
      2. Slight Movement of eyes in every direction of the room and making eye contact with the audience shows confidence.
      3. When answering to the questions, if a person starts adjusting his clothes or glasses, he might be lying or weaving the stories.
    3. Emotional context : People listening to you connects with you as a person and not just the words. Some speeches make people feel something and inspire them to take action. The words should flow freely so that it looks natural and not scripted. Don’t hesitate to involve your feelings while speaking. Hesitation is only making us confined to ourselves making things more and more difficult for us. Read another article about hesitation while speaking in public.
    4. The art of storytelling : The most important skill required to become a public speaker is storytelling. Just speaking out what you have learnt makes it boring and nobody wants to listen to such boring speech. People love to listen to stories which draw their attention and engages them till the end. A good storyteller can transform an ordinary story into an adventure and creates a memorable experience for the audience. Nobody can tell your stories in the way you can which makes you unique. So start your speech by a story, ask a question or any statement which triggers the curiosity of the audience.
    5. Speak to influence others : An effective public speaker leaves an impact on people and the words compel the audience to take some action or think about it. When you approach someone with their or by asking their name, it makes them feel valuable and they remember you. Talk about people rather than presenting facts. It shouldn’t feel like a lecture. Be clear with your thoughts.


Delivering an effective speech to a large audience is difficult. But practising make it easier. Always start with a hook statement or a story which keeps your audience engaged. Use proper body language and choose your words wisely. Try to leave an impact on the minds of people or a call to action for them. No matter how much stage fear you might you have, try to forget the feeling of self consciousness and speak such powerful words that everyone wants to listen to you. Also, read this article to know few things which you should consider when you are acting as a public speaker.

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